Michiana Institute for Successful Aging

Non-profit Organization
Our Mission: To provide support to the community through advocacy, education and outreach by increasing collaboration among those who assist in "Navigating Life's Journey."

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Trivia Night - May 31,, 2024

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Successful Aging


The general purpose for which this Corporation/Organization has been established, is the building of partnerships to promote successful aging, supportive cooperation between organizations and individuals who serve actively aging community members through education, inter-generational outreach, service, and advocacy. With this purpose in mind the goal is to promote successful aging and improve the quality of life for actively aging community members and their families. This goal will be accomplished by but not limited to; utilizing effective and innovative programs to meet the needs of actively aging community members, promoting an inter-generational and inter-cultural awareness of aging within our communities, and by nourishing growth through educational opportunities in gerontology and aging.